Which is why at Lovebites, we only bake the best of the best: Our New York City style, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, fresh out of the oven half baked cookies!

Vegan for the animals, not your health

Our cookies are made from old fashioned ingredients like flour and sugar. It’s supposed to be a delicious cookie that hits the spot. Not a bunch of healthy superfood ingredients disguised as a cookie. Don't get us wrong: we like to and encourage everyone to eat an abundance of healthy food—but we want our treat to be a treat, not a health food.

And whilst you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy Lovebites, you can certainly feel good about yourself knowing that with this cookie you played a part in being kind to animals and kinder to the planet than had you chosen a non vegan treat. Now that is truly worth celebrating!


We want to break the diet culture we all grew up with and remove the negativity and guilt that is often accompanied with enjoying a treat. In the words of Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi I know maybe this cookie isn’t gonna round out my diet, but it‘s what‘s gonna bring me joy."

We also want to reinforce the deliciousness of vegan food and break the negative stereotype about vegan baked goods: that they are not boring, dry as f*ck and greatly disappointing. But just as fun and delicious and indulging as the treats you grew up with.


Lovebites was founded by Larissa in May 2020 after returning to her hometown Berlin after a decade of living in The Netherlands. With each dry slice of vegan cake at some café, she thought "Of course people don't consider eating vegan when they are served something this disappointing." So Lovebites was born initially to make juicy mini cakes and all kinds of banger treats that would win over the most critical people.

She made her first signature Macadamia White Chocolate NYC style cookie on Halloween in 2020 and the whole thing evolved from slowly fading out her job as a graphic designer of the past 12 years to pursue Lovebites fulltime.

Where it all started

Lovebites' first public outing in October 2021 at the Green Market in Berlin where we sold out within 2 hours on our 1st day.

  • larissa


    Founder & CEO

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    Financial Advisor

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    Operations & Supply Chain

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    Co-Founder & Joy Manager